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  • Woodwind Case Odor Eliminator
Woodwind Case Odor Eliminator

Case Odor Eliminator

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Case Odor Eliminator
Eliminates rather than cover odors
Forensic Sanitation Technology
Special chemicals, enzymes, and microsphere eliminate odors



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(Posted: 8/23/2019)


The key word is “Eliminator”.  Doctor’s Case Odor Eliminator™ uses technology from forensic sanitation specialists with specialized chemicals, odor destroying enzymes and microspheres that combine with and destroy odor causing agents – not just mask them with scents.

Biologic substances including mold and mildew byproduct odors, horsehide or newer alipahatic glues and off gassing of foam, bacterial byproducts and food residues, smelly cork greases, tobacco smoke odors, etc. are all neutralized by Doctor’s Case Odor Eliminator™.

Doctor’s Case Odor Eliminator™ contains cleaning, germicidal, and sporeacidal agents to keep odors from coming back. Doctor’s Case Odor Eliminator™ comes in convenient spray bottles and bulk jugs.