Technician Supplies

Technician Supplies

This section is for technicians who know what they are doing in musical instrument repair and these products represent the best – bar none – lubricants and supplies for repair and refurbishing musical instruments.

Recommendations from experienced technicians are the life blood of referrals and new customers for Doctor’s Products and we offer a trade discount to full time technicians who use the products in their repair trade – and not resale. You must have a card on file with documentation of your trade status in order to receive the discount.

The raw materials of Doctor’s Products special lubricants are some of the 2,000 NASA Military Spec. lubricants. They are costly but represent the pinnacle in space age technology lubricants developed for the NASA Space Program and have been thoroughly tested and certified for direct application to musical instrument use.

These lubricants bond to the molecular structure of the metal, leave no residue or varnish because they do not evaporate, have anti-rust and anti-corrosion additives, will not harm wood, and do not migrate or change viscosity with great changes in temperature. Shear rates of the oils are four times greater than even the best automotive synthetic oils giving the protection of very viscous oils with ¼ the viscosity, coefficients of friction are ½ those of the best petroleum lubricants.

For cleaning a new generation of citrus-based solvents precludes the need for volatile and dangerous organic solvents and dissolves grease better while protecting the environment and the technician.

Even the best “old line” specialty woodwind key oils and greases used in the trade do not compare with the outstanding characteristics and performance of the NASA aerospace lubricants.


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(Posted: 8/232019)