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  • Clarinet Power Barrel – Chrome
Clarinet Power Barrel – Chrome

Power Barrel – Chrome

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Chrome Power Barrel
A must for outdoor events, marching band and jaz gigs



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(Posted: 8/23/2019)


Do you need a powerful sounding clarinet? – Marching Band, Jazz, outside gig.  The Power Barrel™ is the result of years of scientific acoustic research and increases the perceived sound power of your clarinet by 12-15 dB.

How can this be? The Power Barrel™ reinforces the dominant even harmonic frequencies of notes which are much better perceived by the human ear and more easily processed by the brain. The Power Barrel™ also incorporates a unique barrel taper to be freer blowing yet controllable.

The result – The Power Barrel™ gives your clarinet greater projection, and a more powerful sound.  It is just the answer for clarinets on the marching field, for jazz, or outside use.  It brings a new sound pallet to the artist to create their own style of musical expression.

Suitable for modern student and professional model Forte’, Buffet, Selmer, LeBlanc and Yamaha clarinets