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Omar Henderson - The Woodwind DoctorAs the famous (or infamous) "Woodwind Doctor", I L.Omar Henderson, Ph.D have gained an international reputation as an expert on woodwind use and care issues. Increasingly, institutions and groups have found interest in my experience and training in Chemistry and Music and have asked me to give seminars, lectures, and master classes. People’s enjoyment of my programs comes from my humorous approach and passion for making and using products and techniques that actually preserve and protect woodwind instruments in contrast to what is on the shelves of the corner music store or urban legends passed down from teacher to student through the ages. Academic institutions and teachers are also interested in motivating their science and music students by experienced experts in real world job and playing situations. 

Some venues where I have recently given presentations include: universities, clarinet conventions, service groups, special woodwind events, etc. and the audiences have been diverse groups including graduate students in instrument performance, undergraduate music and science students, professional and amateur instrument players, and the general public. Titles of recent presentations include: 

  • Myths and the Good, Bad, and Ugly of Woodwind Use and Care Products
  • The How and Why of Chemistry in Music
  • The Basics and Theory of Woodwind Instrument Care 

My available time for giving presentations is limited so I ask that you schedule potential presentations as far in advance as possible. The gratuity for my talks is based on the venue and audience but must also include transportation and expenses. My presentations are multi-media Power Point so appropriate AV equipment should be available. Please have all available information about the venue, audience demographics, expected attendance, presentation title and expected content, and dates and alternates available before contacting me. Presentations are booked on a first come, first served basis.

Please contact me at:  Book The Doctor