The Power Barrel™ is the result of years of scientific acoustic research and increases the perceived sound power of your clarinet by 12-15 dB. Both the Chrome and Stealth versions are great for Marching Band, Jazz, and outside gigs.

The Power Barrel™ reinforces the dominant even harmonic frequencies of notes which are much better perceived by the human ear and more easily processed by the brain. The Power Barrel™ also incorporates a unique barrel taper to be freer blowing yet controllable. It brings a new sound pallet to the artist to create their own style of musical expression.

Step Up To Chedeville

Chedeville barrels are made from the same rod rubber as the famous Chedeville mouthpieces. Chedeville barrels also have the same great resonance as Chedeville mouthpieces. Pairing your Chedeville mouthpiece with a Chedeville barrel will produce an amazing sound with crystal clear brilliance and a concentrated center and a spectrum of sound color and warmth.

Chedeville clarinet barrels are available in two tapers to fit many older and newer clarinets. Each taper is available in three sizes - 65mm, 66mm, and 67mm. Buy a Chedeville Barrel and hear what you can do.