Caring for your clarinet or other woodwind instrument is a passion at The Doctor's Products. That's why we take so much time to develop and provide musicians like you with the best care and maintenance products. So you might expect that we might also offer those little extras that go the extra mile in woodwind instrument care. And you'd be correct.

Keep your clarinet or woodwind instrument in top shape during storage with our top notch humidity control products. Pamper your instrument inside and out with our Black Legend Swab and Mouthpiece Protector Bag. Show your stripes with a classy Clarinet Pin.

And of course you'll want to start on the right foot with a Reed Wizard or ATG Reed Finishing System.


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  1. ATG Reed Finishing System  

    ATG Reed Finishing System


    ATG Reed Finishing System by Tom Ridenour
    Simple and effective reed balance and profile

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  2. Black Legend Swab for Clarinets  

    Black Legend Swab


    Do you want the best clarinet swab in the market?
    Look no further than our Black “Legend” Swab™

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  3. Desiccant Canisters – 8 pack  

    Desiccant Canisters – 8 pack


    Pharmaceutical Grade Silica Gel Desiccant Canisters
    Reduce relative humidity in instrument cases and reed storage containers

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  4. Gleam Anti-Tarnish Sachet  

    Gleam Anti-Tarnish Sachet


    Gleam™ Anti-Tarnish Sachet
    Protects your silver and nickel keywork

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  5. Humidity Indicator Strips – 2 pack  

    Humidity Indicator Strips – 2 pack


    Humidity Indicator Strips
    Indicates 30% to 50% relative humidity
    Easy to read and use

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  6. Mouthpiece Protector Bag  

    Mouthpiece Protector Bag


    Our soft cushioned, breathable bag
    Wicking fabric and Suede Fleece
    Easy Velcro closure

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  7. Reed Wizard  

    Reed Wizard


    Ben Amato Reed Wizard™
    Quickly balance and profile your reed in one step

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  8. Ridenour Thumb Saddle  

    Ridenour Thumb Saddle


    Ridenour Thumb Saddle
    Helps maintain proper curvature of fingers
    Eases strain, more relaxing and comfortable playing

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