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Omar Henderson

The Doctor of Doctor’s Products is L. Omar Henderson, Ph.D. I make a living as a research chemist but enjoy playing the clarinet. After a 25 year hiatus I returned to playing the clarinet and was appalled at the quality and usefulness of products being sold for woodwind instruments. With my experience gained as a professional antiques refinisher (somewhere between graduate school, an academic appointment as a university chemistry professor, and a growing family) I knew that the wood treatments (bore oil) and cork grease on the market were not good for the fine wood of the instrument and maintaining the cork.

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With extensive research involving museum conservation experts and my own historical research, I perfected formulations of plant derived oils and other natural substances that preserve the wood and cork of fine woodwind instruments. The expensive natural oils, powerful antioxidants and stabilizers in Doctor’s Products are proven formulations which will preserve and protect your wood and cork for comparable prices to the inferior products in the market now. NASA aerospace lubricants have been selected for their extraordinary properties for the woodwinds and accessories have been chosen by extensive collaboration with professional musicians that know what works and what does not in a demanding environment of playing for a living.

Doctor's Products branded with the Doctor's Products Brand Logo (Doctor's Product Logo) are manufactured, packaged, and labeled by Doctor Henderson in-house for sale to the woodwind community through the Doctor's Products website.

Omar Henderson
The Doctor